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Removable "In Ground" Hammock Post

When only one tree is available to hang a hammock from, our removable hammock post meets the need for the other end. The 11-gauge steel post inserts into a permanently installed steel sleeve flush with the ground surface. The pole is removable for lawn mowing. Perfect where only one tree is available. Finished in forest green to camouflage into your lawn.

Dimensions: 6' 4" H x 2.5" diameter
Weight Capacity: 325 lbs.
Hanging Hardware Included: No
Style: Poolside, Quilted, Rope
Compatibility: Spreader Bar
Stand Material: Steel
Product Weight: 26 lbs.
The Hammock Post is a good alternative to a hammock stand. If your trees are not the right distance apart and you still would like to utilize your shade tree, this is a good alternative. Hook one end to the tree or building and the other to the post. You may also use two posts if desired. The steel ground post has a "ground tube" or sleeve which goes into the ground to support the hammock post. Simply place ground tube in the ground and slide the hammock post into the ground tube. Then hook your hammock to the top of the hammock post with hooks provided. This ground tube design gives you the ability to remove the hammock post leaving your yard obstruction free. The ground post comes complete with a ground tube, hammock post, eye bolt and plastic top cap, and comes in an acrylic gloss hunter green finish. The ground tube is secured by using 2 cubic feet of cement. The ground tube and hammock post are constructed of heavy 12-gauge steel tubing. Supports up to 450 pounds.
$95 Delivered Price
Removable in-ground hammock post

Assembly and Installation Instructions

Step 1: Select a spot approximately 16' from a stationary point to suspend your hammock.

Step 2: Using a post-hole digger or shovel: Dig a hole a minimum of 18 inches in diameter and 24 to 27 inches in depth. Place the [In Ground Tube] into the hole.

Step 3: Place a small mound of gravel in the center bottom of the hole, this is for drainage and to allow for height adjustment at ground level.

Step 4: Mix concrete (according to manufactures specs) Fill into hole around the in-ground tube. A hole of this size will require approximately 3.5 cubic feet of concrete to fill it. NOTE: You may want to apply a piece of Duct tape over the end of the painted-pole, to prevent concrete from getting inside of the pole.

Step 5: Fill hole within 2" of tube top and build a slight brim to prevent water corrosion.

Step 6: Insert above ground pole and check to see if it is level in all directions. Remove pole and allow the concrete to set for 24 to 48 hours. This is crucial!

Step 7: The 2 way cap/plug can be used to cap the pole while in use, or cap the ground pole When the pole is not in use. Pole removes quickly for mowing over!

Package Components:
1 Hammock Tube
1 In-Ground Tube
1 Two-Way Cap/Plug
1 "SU" hook
1 Chain
1 Instruction Sheet

Customer Review: "This post and sleeve combination was very solid, easy to install and looks great. I packed the hole with rocks and used a bag of no mix concrete - my kids played "rodeo bull" on the hammock that evening. I also bought a second pole so the hammock can be swung into the sun for a mid-morning snooze or into the shade for siesta necessita!"

- Terry C. Denver, CO